Now, I am Officially Never Getting Married.
I was always an odd kid. Some little girls dream about beautiful dresses and shiny diamond rings when they imagined their wedding. Some fantasize about the man who would sweep them off their feet.  I told my mom "If I get married, it's so I can have a big cake and a KitchenAid mixer as a wedding gift." (And I swear, every wedding I have ever been to, a mixer has been given...)

With it's total replacement lifetime warranty, 10 speeds, 250 watts, and a 4.5 quart capacity bowl- what more could a bride (or anyone) really ask for?
My cousins in New Jersey have one. They-ahem-got it when they married and I have always been insanely jealous of it. While at her house, I'd always offer to beat egg whites stiff for meringues, whip up fresh cream, or knead bread dough.  It's so efficient, clean, sleek and sexy, I love it.
I'm weird.

I am sure you're ready this and thinking "How can she be so excited about a commercial appliance?" And, there is no logical explanation other than that it's a great mixer.  
Certainly, they are worth their list price, but, I couldn't justify or stomach a rent check for kicthen tool. Luckily, they last forever and KitchenAid will replace/fix anything on the mixer for as long as you own it. (So, if a you're lucky enough to stumble upon one at a garage sale buying it is worth the investment. I have scoured endless front yards searching but to no avail.)
I must have good karma. While answering an unrelated Craig's List ad, I met a silly woman who redecorating her kitchen hot pink (ew!). She had just bought a new pink mixer and wanted to sell her old one for barely the price of a good meal. And she delivered it to my house!
If you listen very carefully you can hear the whir of my fabulous mixer making my housemates and I some chocolate mousse.


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